Childrens ski school

Childrens ski school

For our youngest guests ...

... we are able to offer lessons based on the latest knowledge in modern ski technology. The guidelines issued by the Swiss Snow League guarantee structured learning and the best chances of success.


Important information for parents:

Help us to give your child an unforgettable time in our ski school.

- Prepare your child so that he or she is able to embark on the course with enthusiasm.

- Arrive at the meeting point early with a valid ski pass or day ticket and our voucher. Children aged
  6 and above must have a ski pass or day ticket.

- Provide your child with the correct clothing and equipment to guarantee that he or she has a great time.
  Warm clothing, waterproof gloves, ski boots, a ski helmet with well-fitting ski goggles and sunscreen are vital.

- Put your trust in our instructors and do not stay with your child during his or her lesson. We have your mobile
  number and will contact you if necessary.

- Pick your children up from the meeting point on time.

- Participants are responsible for organising their own accident and liability insurance.


- Please give your Swiss Snow League - Booklet to your instructor at the first day!


We organize for level red king/queen and red star trips to different ski areas of Davos/Klosters mountains every Thursday! Thursday is always full day. There can be some additional charges for Lunch and skipass. You will get more informations from your ski instructor.


Lesson times are as follows:

Teaching days   Sunday - Friday
Meeting time and place   9:30am
    Madrisa Valley Station
Lesson times   10:00am - 12:45pm
    2:00pm - 3:30pm
Race   Every Friday morning
    Meet at Madrisa valley station at 9:30am
    Morning lessons lasting two hours and
45 minutes including a 
15 minute break with hot punch
Please note

On Saturday, Dec. 28th 2019 we teach the children also, we do not interrupt. 

Wednesday, Jan. 01st 2020
The half-day lessons are in the afternoon from 13:15h- - 16:00h

Groups are assigned on Sunday/Monday

The entire children’s ski school takes part to sing the Snowli Song every Wednesday

Every thursday we organise trips to parsenn ski area for level red king and red star.

A ski race is held every Friday morning

 on madrisa (can be on thursday in high season, you will get the information from your instructor)

Level Black Prince and Academy only full days

Subject to changes

Children's group lessons

    Morning Afternoon Full day    

1   65,- CHF   80,- CHF    

2   115,- CHF   145,- CHF    

3   160,- CHF   205,- CHF    

4   200,- CHF   260,- CHF    

5   235,- CHF   310,- CHF    

6   260,- CHF   350,- CHF    

1     ***20,- CHF      

1   excursion afternoon thursday 20,- CHF      


Please note

Children must be aged between 4 and 16

Maximum group size is between 4 and 12 children

A discount of 10% is given for the third week of group lessons

The reduced rate only applies when lessons take place on consecutive days. If lessons are booked on non-consecutive days, no discount is applied and the day fee is paid in full again.

Lunchtime child care with food provided for CHF 22.00

*** only with a morning reservation

Subject to changes


Swiss Snow League/Swiss Snow Academy

Become a snow sport expert!

The Swiss Snow League teaches you skiing or snowboarding from scratch.

- As a beginner, you acquire basic snow sport skills in the Swiss Snow Kids Village,

- before honing them in the Blue and Red League

- and finally perfecting your ability in the Black League and the Swiss Snow Academy, thereby completing your transformation into an experienced expert.

Professional snow sport instructors teach you and continuously log your progress into your personal record, ensuring that you are always assigned to the correct league in every ski and snowboard school across Switzerland.

Further information on the Swiss Snow League can be found here!


Swiss Snow Kids Village

- Getting to know the skis and the snow
- Walking, climbing uphill (turning arround)
- Skiing in the fall line with skis parallel and braking
- First changes of direction from the fall line

Blue Ski League

Level Blue Prince/Princess

- Equipment
- Climbing uphill by side stepping and herringbone (scissors) stepping
- Gliding and braking with the snow plough
- Skiing with skis parallel with steps and tricks
- Turning snow plough turns (wedge turns)

Level Blue King/Queens

- Safe use of lifts
- Traversing and tricks
- Side slipping
- Skiing with skies parallel over easy bumps and jumps
- Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on an easy blue slope

Level Blue Star

- Behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)
- Turning in a miniature slalom jungle and in a set course
- Skiing over bumps and dips
- Skiing backwards (switch) with skis in a V shape with change of direction
- Snow plough turns (wedge christie) on a versatile blue run

Red Ski League

Level Red Prince/Princess

- Warming up
- Braking with skis parallel
- Turning steps on an easy slope
- Waltzing
- Skidded parallel turns

Level Red King/Queen

- Behavior in the snowpark
- Short turns on an easy slope
- Skating step on the flat terrain
- Basic Aur ( small kicker)
- Parallel turns with various radii

Level Red Star

- Nature, forest and the environment
- Parallel turns through a corridor of slalom gates and in a set course
- Skidded parallel turns backwards (switch)
- Single ski turns on an easy slope
- Short turns on an intermediate slope

Black Ski League

only as a full day bookable

Level Black Prince/Princess

- Preparation of equipment
- Short turns with pole planting on an difficult slope
- Jumps: Straights and fiftyfifty over box
- Parallel turns off-piste
- Carved parallel turns on a wide, easy slope

Swiss Snow Academy Ski

The Swiss Snow Academy card is your personal "Keycard". It identifies you as a member and confirms every turn, air or trick that you master.

But your Swiss Snow Academy card can do even more than that: you can also load your lift pass onto it.

And thats not all: Your Swiss Snow Academy card gives you access to further special offers from the Swiss Snow Academy.

only as a full day bookable.


Swiss Ski- & Snowboard School Saas
Landstrasse 15
CH-7252 Klosters Dorf

We started the summer break and our ski school office is closed. We are happy to be there for you again in November 2020. Until then, you can reach us by email.

We wish you good health and a wonderful summer at all times!



Phone:+41 81 420 22 33